5 Steps To Managing Your Medicine

Managing your medication can be difficult, especially if you’re taking multiple prescriptions and OTC drugs. Trying to remember all the names, amounts, doses, and refill dates can lead to missed doses or accidentally taking an extra dose.

What Does It Mean To Manage My Medicine

Whether you’re managing medications and dose times for yourself or a loved one, keeping track of everything can add unwanted stress to your daily life. Developing a system that works will make all the difference. Here are simple steps that you can take to make your prescription medication management easier.

  1. Write Down Your Medications – Keep a list of all the medicines and vitamins you take. Include the name, dosage, how often you take it, and prescribing doctor. We suggest making multiple copies of the list and keeping one at home where you store your medication and one that you take with you when you leave the house. If there is someone that helps you with your medication make sure they have a list as well. Including a description of the pill will also help you and others quickly find the right medication.
  2. Keep A Schedule For Doses – Creating a daily or weekly schedule for when you take your medicine is a great way to keep track of what you take and when. It’s a simple step that can make a big difference in not missing a dose. If there certain medications that you only take as needed make sure you include those on the schedule and why you take them.
  3. Daily Pill Organizer – Daily pill organizers are a very efficient way of managing your meds and keeping doses straight. They come in different sizes with compartments for each day of the week. If you have medications that look alike or have multiple dosing times throughout the day, ask your pharmacist for help. They know which medicines you take and can help you select the right pill organizer.
  4. Use A Medication App – There are many great apps that help you manage your medication. Some of the features of the apps include refill reminders, ready for pick notifications, dose reminders, and have all the important information about the medicine right there on your mobile device. If you’re caring for a loved one, some of these apps allow you to be connected and manage their medications with ease.
  5. Check Labels After Every Refill – Make sure you check the label on your medication after every refill. Make sure all the information is correct, mark down the next refill date on the calendar, and make sure to safely dispose of any unused or expired medication. If there have been changes to doses, amounts, or the type of medication be sure to update your medication list and calendar and notify the person(s) that assist you with your medication.

Managing Medicine For The Whole Family

When caring and overseeing prescriptions for a whole family it can be difficult to keep track of who, what, where and when. A medication management app allows you to track and manage every aspect of your family’s medicine. You have access to important medication information at all times and can set up reminders for dose times and refill dates.

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