Choosing The Right Pharmacy

With over half of Americans taking a prescription medication, selecting the right pharmacy is an important healthcare decision. Here are some important questions and things to consider when choosing a pharmacy.

What Are Your Pharmacy Priorities

  • Do you choose the pharmacy that’s closest to home?
    Most of us choose a pharmacy that is close to home. The convenience of being able to pick up our prescription refills is important. While it is a driving factor, if there are specialty services you require that your close to home pharmacy has a hard time accommodating or they have poor customer service, consider a pharmacy that is along your route to work or school.
  • Do you have special requirements for medications?
    Most large chain drug stores don’t offer compounding which is a specialized pharmacy service to tailor medications for things like allergies or sensitivities to dyes, they can also create a liquid form of medicine for people who can’t swallow pills.
  • Does Your Pharmacist Show Personalized Attention?
    Does your pharmacist know your name or are you treated like a number? Lack of customer service is the number one complaint of large chain drug stores and pharmacies.
  • Are Preventive Services Available?
    Does your pharmacy offer flu shots or other vaccines? Many pharmacies, depending on the rules of your state, offer flu shots and certain vaccines. In many cases this is a much more convenient and inexpensive option that scheduling a doctor’s appointment.
  • How Much Do You Pay For Medications?
    he price of prescription medication varies very little between large chains, small mom-and-pop, and local chain drug stores, but the service can vary greatly. Does your pharmacy offer discounts? Does your pharmacist suggest generic alternatives to bring costs down or inform you of cash vs copay differences if there are any?
  • Do You Experience Long Waits?
    Is your pharmacy attentive to your needs? Great customer service begins with filling prescriptions in a timely manner, friendly service, and short check out times.

Switching Pharmacies

When switching pharmacies there are a few things you’ll need to do to make the process easy and seamless.

  1. Notify you doctor(s) about the change in pharmacy.
  2. Ask your new pharmacist to help with or handle the transition of prescriptions.
  3. Get all personal and family information to the new pharmacy. Doing this right away will make filling your first prescriptions much easier.

If you’re experiencing poor customer service or your medication requirements have changed, Snyder’s Drug Stores is here for you. We offer specialized pharmacy services, convenient in-store shopping, medication management assistance, and are a locally owned chain devoted to the Upper Michigan communities we serve.

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